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Almost to the end of April April Fools April 24, 2006

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Yes, the date has long passed that many people across America were fooled by friends, family members, coworkers, and even employers; but what happened to the rest of the world? Could we ever imagine the count of people who got their lives flipped around for a day? People from Swaziland find themselves in an uproar over the seemingly harmless jokes and question their cultural uniqueness because of it.

The Swazi Observer may find itself a little behind the times with a main story about April Fools being on the top of the news on April 24th, but the concerns express are still valid. Could Swaziland's unique culture have been violated because of this joke of a celebrated day? Here is one woman's story, and the reactions of the people as Nondumiso Dlamini reports:

MEMBERS of the public have raised concern over Aprils fool's jokes.

This was during a radio programme ‘Buhle Bemasiko’ hosted by Doris Vilakati and traditionalist Make Siwela on Swaziland Broadcasting and Information Services, the country’s national radio.

It followed an incident involving a Logoba woman (26) who is distraught after being ‘married’ to her boyfriend only to be told later that the so-called wedding was an April fool's joke.

She claimed she was sent by her boyfriend to deliver some money to her ‘mother in law’ in Hlatikulu and, due to lack of transport, she was forced to stay overnight.

During the early morning hours, she was awakened by her in-laws and wedded her according to Swazi Law and Custom.

The public who called-in during the programme felt what was done to the poor woman was unSwazi and the people responsible for it deserve punishment. A male caller felt that the lady needs to be accorded justice against the cruel act.

He added: “This April’s fool joke was too much and in the coming years there could be more. Something must be done before the worst could happen,” he stated.

Other callers felt it was the fault of the elderly members of the family (the woman’s ‘in-laws’) as they should have stopped the joke while it was still being planned.

“The woman’s parents must do something about it because seeing someone being embarrassed like this is so painful. One can imagine the pain which could be suffered should his/ her daughter find herself in such a situation. Over 20 men and women called during the show, wondering why Swazis were trying to adopt foreign culture, such as the April’s fool.

In a letter to The Swazi Observer Editor, a lady wrote ‘What the elderly citizens of the country say about this? What does our culture mean to us as Swazis? We say we are unique because of our culture. Is this what we are talking about?

This woman has been violated. She has suffered emotional stress and given up hope of being a wife. Bhuti, you have embarrassed this woman. Wherever she is, I guess she is afraid to face the world, her friends, and parents. Yini yona le ‘April’s Fool?’ As a woman myself and a citizen of this country, I strongly feel that these culprits should be taken to task…’.

Ludzidzini Governor Jim Gama also condemned the act. “Kuteka (traditional marriage) is not a game or joke but our culture. I believe it’s up to the father and the relatives of the woman to take up the issue,” he stated.

He added that if it were his own daughter in such a situation he would had sought justice on the matter.

“They played inconsiderate games with this woman and derserve punishment,” he stated.

From alarms being reset to fake lottery tickets, April Fools has made its impact on the lives of people across the world. How far should we say is too far? Where do we draw the line? I'll say one thing, the seriousness of this is no joke.


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