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Walace and Gromit April 17, 2006

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The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

A funny little movie, if I might say. Nothing that will get you rolling on the floor laughing, hiding behind a blanket biting your nails, or using even a tissue for tears, but a time passer at the least. It is a bit clever. I found my two favorites are the least appropriate things about the movie. Without giving too much of the movie away, I will say that at one point towards the end Wallace was without clothes, but before he gave a hug to a lady friend Gromit covered him with a cheese box. Why, might you ask, is this one of my favorite parts? Well, it wasn't one of the best until I noticed a sticker on the box that mentioned the package containing nuts. I thought it was clever at least. Another favorite involved a trouble making man hanging off of a pole by his pants and a priest yelling, "Watch out for the moon!" (Just then you get another shot of the man, his pants slipping far away from his waist.) So, in conclusion, it was an all together cheesy movie which did not spark any deep emotion to rise into the shallows of my mood and reveal its self. Though I must say I didn't expect anything more from it and so my time is felt to not have been waisted. In fact I just noticed that there is a "Smashing Bonus Feature" of "Deleted Scenes with Cracking Commentary." I am rather excited to watch it. Maybe I should recommend the movie be watched with the commentary. Alright, I am off for another day at home (Which is not spent at all at home).


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