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Lunch with the fam. An inside look at Hooters… April 17, 2006

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Today I ate lunch at Hooters. It was…

I was with my family, all of the girls at least. There were 7 of us, including my grandmother and my small cousin. We went there because it was close to the spa we wanted to go to. Most of my family members were fine with it, and thought it was funny. One of my aunts thought it was sleezy, and yet only quoted, "Someone needs a tan," and, "I feel violated." I just… For one, our table was getting a lot of looks because we were all girls. About half way through our meal the girls who were working sang Happy Shark (or some/most of you might know it as Baby Shark). Did they do it for the three kids in there? I don't think so, but then what does that say about the adults? They advertise as a family restaurant and kids do eat free all day and every day, unless you are using any one of the discounts including: Silver and Sexy Sunday (for ages 55 and up), College Saturdays (20% off, good thing I had my ID!), or Military Mondays. They also had three birthday people stand on stools and hoolahoop. But really, my main focus was on the women working. I mean, how can it not be? I watched as guys stayed behind to clean the table up a bit with the waitress, or called for another round of the women on stools hoolahooping. Some people wear little clothing. It happens. I personally was uncomfortable turning around and being at eye level with another females half bared chest. So that was my day's beginning; I had woken up not long before we left. The rest was filled with aunts, a grandma, and a pretty little princess like cousin spent by pedicures, shopping, and growing some muscles.


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