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The buzz begins (repost for some) March 25, 2006

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As the date approaches for the Equality Ride’s visit, the buzz is beginning around campus. Letters were sent out to all of the students today stating that Biola is letting them on campus and hoping to provide a peaceful environment by only allowing closed sessions for select members of the Biola campus to dialogue with the members of the Equality Ride. I don’t know. I guess it is a great way to try and keep the extremists out of their hair, I know a lot of people who are very willing to dialogue with them however, and it seems like they might not get that chance. At least it seems like the group will have a better welcoming than at Liberty, Dr. Cook, as far as we know, isn’t calling a task force to arrest them as soon as they step on campus and start their speeches.

You can read about their expreience as they have traveled around the country to schools on their itenerary to spread the view of their motto “Learn from History – End Spiritual Violence.” here: www.equalityride.com

I personally am somewhat sad, though I appreciate Biola’s precautions, that the sessions are going to be closed. Well, maybe I will try and keep a running update on the campus buzz. Until then be sure to check out their site and read a little about them.


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