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It’s not like I am leaving for ever January 22, 2006

Posted by butterfly in Colorado.

So why am I so sad? There will be much to rejoice about when I arrive back “home.” I don’t know. His mother calls me beautiful, his dad puts cold hands or balls of snow on my neck from behind, he recites poetry and whispers sweet, gentle words shattering the lies that swarm my thoughts. I feel like some things just started, and they shouldn’t end…and maybe that means they won’t, but I will have to wait a while for them to continue. Maybe the things that have started have dug so deep, and grow so slow, I am forced to stop and recognize each golden drop that fills the hole in my heart with warmth. At last I come to the conclusion that I cannot stay here at my computer any longer, nor can I sleep much and waste precious prime time with packing or laundry. So I am off to enjoy the last moments of love’s sweet bliss that surrounds me so in Colorado, and relish in the fact that I will have more of another kind tomorrow night.



1. edith koghee - December 16, 2008

partir c’est mourir un pue

everytime we leave, we die a little

2. christ4a11 - January 28, 2012

Hello Flyaway,

I just wanted to add you on my blog as one of my friends of The big Call.


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