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Colorado Part 3 January 3, 2006

Posted by butterfly in Colorado.

From indoor theme parks* to out door hikes, my time here has been great. Dogs, cats, deer…we’ve fed them all. Punkin is the most talkative cat I have ever lived with and will not say no to any attention type, whether it be scratching his head or throwing him off a couch. Today is a slow day, Scott comes tomorrow and Curtis’ parents are back to work today. We are currently in the midst of building a theme park* on roller coaster tycoon; well, Curtis is building it, I am making “executive decisions.” We got back from the cabin yesterday, happy to be back home. The internet is fixed now, so I will be on more often, though still not very often because I am beginning to get into being here, and doing the things I won’t be able to do another day somewhere else. My days are filled with extra sleeping, experiencing his parent’s cooking, reading, taking dips in the spa, watching 24 (which I am now a fan of), and planning events for other days. At the cabin we completed a puzzle while we were there, Curtis’ mom bought me a scrap book so that we have something to do while the boys go skiing, and his mother and I will me going to tea with a Sunday school on Friday. I love it here. I really do. More later…


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