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Still sad, but… December 28, 2005

Posted by butterfly in Uncategorized.

You know what? Who can be sad when I think about who God is? And why do I ever stop thinking about God? *sigh. He brings me such joy because of who He is, how blessed I am. I have this over all lingering weight of tears, but when I think about Him I am light, happy. I danced last night, and giggled away. My bed sounds so strange when I stand on it. The song ended, I forget which one it was, and I settled down with lingering smiles, and decided upon reading a bit before I fell asleep because I couldn’t get away with out doing it. God loves me, and I sometimes think He is silly to do so, but I have to accept the truth of reality. I think the same about Curtis at times. Once again I am faced with the task of acceptance and trust. How great it is that when we learn lessons from our Father, they are not restricted to apply only to Him, but with His children who we are forever connected to. I am blessed to be able to have something I can only receive, but oh how hard it is. With Curtis, it could change, I don’t think it will/should ever end, but it could change, but with God it is ever lasting and unchanging. So much grounding and peace comes from that.


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